How to Stick With It Over Traditional Smokes

June 01, 2017

How to Stick With It Over Traditional Smokes

For the lucky ones switching to vaping is easy, for others switching to vapes can be a little touch and go. You start out with the right intentions but then slowly the simplicity of traditional smokes creeps back in and before you know it you're back to smoking just as much as before.  In short, it can be common for some people to have difficulty changing what is possibly a decades old habit.

But don't give up on vaping yet! Thankfully there are many things you can try that will help you overcome the habit if you're struggling. We spoke to ordinary vapers and discovered what their problems were and what eventually helped them to stick with it and lose the traditional cigarettes for good.  Here are the top 5 tips to make the switch last.

1.  Upgrade Your Device and Get a Back-up

The most common issue people reported that helped them overcome the habit was the type of device they were using.  

There are 3 main types of e-cigs:

The problem is that none of these devices are equally satisfying. For some the cigarette look-a-likes provide the most natural feeling and movement, yet others find that more vapor is the most satisfying. Some found that having multiple different devices is what finally got them over the hump.  

The key is to find the right device that offers the most all around satisfying experience.  If you want more vapor try the Reactor Sub-Ohm System. If you don't want a large box mod with variable controls, look to smaller devices that offer lots of vapor in a small, easy and convenient package such as the Triton II, which is actually a compact sub-ohm system and creates tons of vapor but isn't much different in size to an EGO-T vape pen.  

2. Commit to Vaping

When smokers watch vapers, they are convinced its just the same.  Fact is, it isn't.   Getting used to vaping in place of smoking can be reduced to a simple matter of how experienced vapers vape differently than the way predominately smokers vape.  This study showed the significance in the way each group vapes..  After 5 minutes of vaping, experienced vapers measured an average plasma nicotine level rise of 5.8 while the predominately smoking group only saw a rise of 2.7.  At 65 minutes of vaping the experienced vapers had shown a rise of plasma nicotine levels to 22, while the predominately smoking group had only shown a rise in plasma nicotine levels to 12.2. Experienced vapers get almost twice the nicotine just by vaping differently. But how do they do it differently?

The predominately smoking group took shorter harder drags from the ecig and exhaled immediately. They were mimicking smoking. Experienced vapers take longer slower draws and hold them in a few seconds longer.  They also exhaled through mouth and nose. These simple steps increase nicotine absorption and calms cravings faster, almost twice as fast actually! Give it a shot and see if this works for you!

3. Start with Tobacco Flavors

In the beginning, Tobacco or Menthol flavor juices are a must for most people. A good tobacco e-liquid or cartomizer should be a little bit better tasting than a traditional cigarette but also be so close that you don't notice much of a difference at all. For the best tobacco flavor e-liquid we recommend O.F.E. Classic Gold. This e-juice was made specifically to give the comforting flavor of regular top shelf smokes. So before you jump into the more exotic e-liquids, stick to the regular tobacco and menthol flavors until you're ready to move on.

4. Finding the Right Amount of Nicotine

The amount of nicotine vapers want is all over the board.  But you can generally follow these guidelines:

  • 24 mg - 36 mg Nicotine is roughly equivalent to a strong non-filter smoke.
  • 16 mg - 24 mg Nicotine is roughly equivalent to a full flavor smoke.
  • 6mg - 11 mg Nicotine is roughly equivalent to an ultra light to light smoke.
  • Under 6mg is typically used for sub-ohm vaping or during the final stages of stepping down.  

To set yourself up to succeed you want to find the highest nicotine level that satisfies your cravings completely. For most that is around 11 mg's - 24 mg's. If you find somewhere in between to be the perfect combination you can mix 2 different strengths in a 50/50 ratio and you'll come out in the center. For example if you mix 16mg e-juice with 24 mg e-juice at a 50/50 ratio you will have 20 mg nicotine strength. So try different strength combinations if you find that vaping isn't satisfying your cravings completly.

5. Focus On The Harm Reduction

Every cigarette that you skip is reducing the harm smoking does to your body. Did you know there are around 4,000 known chemicals and cancerous agents in tobacco smoke?

Check out our quick run down of some of the major effects of smoking on your health.